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Rockbridge Growth Equity leverages specialized resources, years of industry experience, and a proven strategic platform to help our partner companies maximize their growth potential.

Below are some of our success stories, both active and realized.

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"The Rockbridge partnership has allowed Connect America to achieve unparalleled success in the industry by helping to create a truly scalable and technology-enabled operational infrastructure."

Ken Gross, Founder & Executive Chairman Connect America

“The Rockbridge team brought the resources and capabilities to transform One Reverse into the largest company in the reverse mortgage space. The exceptional growth of our company would not have come to fruition without Rockbridge’s sponsorship.”

Gregg Smith, CEO & COO One Reverse Mortgage

"Rockbridge Growth Equity has been a valuable strategic partner for Triad Retail Media. Throughout this partnership, we have been able to accelerate our growth, expand internationally, and position Triad as the global leader in digital retail media."

Roger Berdusco, Former CEO Triad Retail Media

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